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Shipping and Payments

Shipping Charges and Additional Fees

Shipping charges are calculated based on location of delivery address. Shipping rates vary depending on product type, shipping distance, and order size. In addition to standard shipping costs, there are supplemental charges for special delivery needs. These charges are determined by either the customer or the carrier and include the following:

  1. Limited Access: If a delivery location has limited access (e.g., remote areas), an additional fee may apply.

  2. Lift Gate at Delivery: When a shipper lacks the means to load or unload freight using a dock or forklift, carriers use lift gates. This service incurs a $75 fee.

  3. Residential Delivery: If an LTL (less-than-truckload) carrier must navigate a residential area (whether it’s a home address or a business), a residential delivery charge of $75 applies. Residential zones require extra time and complexity for truck navigation.

  4. Inside Delivery: Inside delivery is not available.

Type of Address

Customers must specify whether they have a residential or commercial address when placing an order:

  • Residential Delivery: Applies to both home addresses and certain business locations. The $80 fee covers the complexities of residential zones.

  • Commercial Delivery: No additional fees.

Accepting Pallet Deliveries

All bottle shippers and sets are shipped on pallets for easy handling and delivery. The carrier is prepared to unload your order on your dock at no additional charge. An additional fee of $75 is charged if a lift gate is required.

Shipping Responsibility


Franklin August endeavors to ship all orders using reliable and cost-effective methods. Once orders are dispatched, the Company is not liable for any delivery delays. Additional charges incurred for special delivery services beyond basic freight door-to-door delivery or those not explicitly listed in the shopping cart are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Please be aware that national transportation issues may cause shipping delays. Plan ahead if possible.

Liability for Product Damage During Shipping: Franklin August is not responsible for damage to products during shipping. Claims for product damage should be directed to the freight shipper or insurance provider.


By placing your online order, you agree to be responsible for all shipping costs, including any adjustments or surcharges.


Payment Details


Please note that all items are subject to availability. Orders placed through our website, email, or phone are not finalized until your credit card has been verified and automatically charged upon approval by your credit card company. Once your order is processed, it will be considered confirmed, and any issues will be promptly communicated to you within 48 business hours.


Please be aware that if your credit card is not authorized, we cannot be held liable for any delays in product delivery. However, if all is in order, we will proceed with processing your order, including arranging shipment, insurance charges, and applicable taxes. For online orders, full payment is required before shipment, with payment options including wire transfer, certified check, or domestic credit card.


Qualified customers may also pay by personal check, subject to credit verification and approval by the Company. International payments must be made via wire transfer. For new customers, credit card transactions are the preferred method. It is important to ensure that the billing address matches the credit card used for payment to avoid any processing issues. If you encounter any difficulties while placing an order through our shopping cart, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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