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Plastic Corrugated Boxes and More

What ever you can make with paper corrugated board you can make with plastic!  You can combine plastic with wood, corrugated and foam to make spectacular storage, display, and shipping units that will show off your product.

Plastic corrugated is durable, strong and comes in a wide variety of colors making it a great solution to your branding and identification needs.  Print your logo on it too!

Since plastic corrugated is reusable it can be a great fit for in plant operations and supply chain efficiency.  Its long-term use can save you thousands.

corrugated plastic sheets
corrugated plastic totes
corrugated plastic tote
corrugated plastic tote


plastic corrugated colors

Choose from a wide assortment of brilliant stock colors - White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Natural, Gray.  

Non Standard colors - Brown, Ivory, Orange, Red, Navy, and Silver.

You can accentuate your brand or color code your bins make organizing a breeze.

Material Options

Coroplast® Sturdy, reusable, recyclable, returnable, waterproof Coroplast shippers are superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications, including produce packaging, boxes, totes and dunnage.


CORO-GARD™ Conductive polypropylene sheet made for protecting electronic devices from electrostatic damage in transport.

Brushed Fabric Lamination Protect your products from abrasion during shipping and handling with this sturdy, cost-effective solution.

Coroplast® CI Corrosion-inhibiting properties make Coroplast CI perfect for shipping electronics, small appliances and other products.

CoroClear™ High clarity sheets that make it easy to identify content in see-through storage containers – and feature a UV inhibitor to enhance stability.

Crosslinked Foam Lamination Added abrasion and cushioning protection protects against breakage for Class A applications.

corrugated plastic sheets
corrugated plastic sheets
corrugated plastic sheets
corrugated plastic sheets
corrugated plastic sheets
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