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W H A T  I S  S T O C K P I L E ?

At the heart of our StockPile program is a simple concept.  Franklin August will manufacture, manage, stock and distribute your packaging as needed while leaving you more time to work on other projects.


We manufacture your packaging products in agreed-upon quantities at agreed-upon prices when stocking levels go under an agreed upon level.  We manufacture your product and you are billed for the entire run and you pay in your standard terms.  However, you don’t necessarily take delivery of the product at that time.  Each production run is billed to you and then put into inventory in our warehouse for you to release as needed.

All aspects of product manufacture, management, storage, and distribution are handled by Franklin August.  All you need to do is let us know when you need it!

And the best thing is that we do all of this for the price quoted.  There are no extra fees.  Your pricing is good no matter what you need.

Once we agree to specifications like stocking quantity, MOQ, pricing, etc. the StockPile system will help guarantee you have the packaging you need when you need it.  We build in some safeguards and flexibility that keeps your inventory exposure down while ensuring that you have all the packaging you need when you need it.

B E N I F I T S  O F  S T O C K P I L E

What the name of this program does not convey are the myriad benefits you receive.

  • Improved inventory availability.  No product shortages, no delays in manufacturing or delivery to your customers.


  • Improved supply of goods results in lower overhead and more sales.  Our clients benefit directly through access to all the inventory they need to meet production and sales demands.  By eliminating shortages, we reduce the cost of lost opportunity and added overhead to overcome the shortage.


  • Competitive pricing that's more stable because inventory will outlast the price increase timeline.  This means that inventory purchased before a corrugated increase could save thousands of dollars.


  • One price which includes all delivery locally and from our plant.


  • Storage of packaging materials in a facility local to Generac, Wisconsin.  Local storage of goods allows for next day (or same day in some cases) delivery to Generac’s facility.  


  • Weekly deliveries are standard.  More frequent deliveries are optional.


  • Franklin August handles the bulk of the management of logistics, ordering, planning, and relieving Generac costs associated with these functions. Our dedicated customer service team works daily to ensure that product will be available when you need it.


  • Net 15 Terms.


  • Proper order timing limits exposure to extensive inventory.  We track your usage and analyze your upcoming production schedules to make sure you have the right amount of inventory.  We work hard to limit your exposure to excess inventory and long ownership cycles.


  • Our predictive capabilities allow us to model usage forecasts alongside your own, providing a more accurate schedule for inventory builds.


  • MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) based on usage and optimized to lower overall costs.


  • You can opt to receive notice prior to stock reorders with a 48-hour window to modify the order.


  • Auditing of your owned inventory whenever you want.  We believe in transparency, so you can inspect your inventory at any time.


  • Inventory status and online ordering.  We can catalog and link images to your product for easy reference as well.


  • Standard order releases or by request.


  • Free design services and prototyping for new projects.


  • Reduce packaging storage footprint at your facility reduces the cost of warehousing.


  • Reduce the cost of procurement and inventory management free resources for other tasks at Generac.

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