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The reusable alternative to paper packaging.  Use corrugated plastic to make shipping boxes, reusable totes, storage bins and more.  You can choose from a number of different colors, materials, and thickness.

plastic corrugated colors


Choose from a wide assortment of brilliant stock colors - White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Natural, Granby Blue, and JM Gray.  

Non Standard colors - Brown, Ivory, Orange, Red, Navy, and Silver.

You can accentuate your brand or color code your bins make organizing a breeze.


Coroplast® Sturdy, reusable, recyclable, returnable, waterproof Coroplast shippers are superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications, including produce packaging, boxes, totes and dunnage.


CORO-GARD™ Conductive polypropylene sheet made for protecting electronic devices from electrostatic damage in transport.

Brushed Fabric Lamination Protect your products from abrasion during shipping and handling with this sturdy, cost-effective solution.

Coroplast® CI Corrosion-inhibiting properties make Coroplast CI perfect for shipping electronics, small appliances and other products.

CoroClear™ High clarity sheets that make it easy to identify content in see-through storage containers – and feature a UV inhibitor to enhance stability.

Crosslinked Foam Lamination Added abrasion and cushioning protection protects against breakage for Class A applications.

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